Structured Cabling

Universal and future-proof solutions for hotel cabling

In the hospitality industry, reliable communication and connectivity are paramount to ensuring guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Structured cabling forms the backbone of a hotel's IT infrastructure, facilitating seamless communication between various systems and devices while supporting high-speed data transfer and robust network connectivity.

R&M’s passive POLAN network solution is the ideal basis for satisfying the high infotainment requirements of hotels. It is universally applicable, efficiently installed, and convincingly safe to invest in.


For a variety of applications such as data, image, or voice transmission as well as for simple communication between end devices or employees.

Satisfied guests all around

POLAN – the spine of the guest infrastructure allows easy use of streaming services such as TV, film, music, or social media, even using multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Zone cabling. Provides safety

Guest rooms accessed by zone cabling in combination with mini distributors in the corridors, CAT 6 twisted pair cabling for the last few meters, and RJ45 interfaces on the terminals guarantee a high degree of security – especially for the user.

POLAN. Generates space.

POLAN saves space. Compared to traditional copper twisted-pair cabling, POLAN requires significantly fewer racks, LAN switches, and patch panels.

Structured cabling, easy to install

In accordance with the guidelines of structured cabling, POLAN is easy, quick, and efficient to install.

Structured. Integrated. Perfect

R&M’s POLAN solution is based on structured, generally valid, and application-independent cabling.

Slimmer. Lighter. Simply installed

Particularly during renovations, POLAN offers a clear installation advantage with its easily laid, thin fiber optic cables, which are resistant to signal and noise interference.

Effortlessly. Quickly. Straightforward

Small distributors designed for the use in structured POLAN cabling support an uncomplicated and fast installation.

The POLAN floor distributor – Powerful. Reliable. Monitored

The sophisticated product solution for POLAN infrastructures! A floor distributor with clear quick mounting technology and a powerful port activation function. Installation is as efficient as possible while complying with standards.

Zone cabling housing – Pragmatic. Tidy. Simple

The combination of consolidation points and POLAN is an alternative to fiber optic cabling to every end device in the guest rooms. The U-Box from R&M forms the basis of this end-user-friendly installation practice.

Investment security

POLAN stands for longevity, is already geared to the requirements of future broadband transmissions, and ready to support any new service.

Less active devices. Reduced costs

Budget-friendly installation for high bandwidths on long distances. All that is needed in a POLAN is active electronics in the company’s own centralized data center. Floor distributors operate purely passive, with no need for power supply.

Lasts a lifetime

High investment protection thanks to longevity. If a higher bandwidth is required in the future, a simple upgrade is all it takes, it takes due to the future ability of the infrastructure based on single-mode fiber can be continued to be used.

Simply extended. Even years later

New rooms or new facilities can be expanded by simply extending the optical fiber network and adding an optical network termination (ONT) – without costly cable and runway installations.

What is POLAN?

Passive optical LAN (POLAN) is a corporate network infrastructure that uses a technology developed for fiber optic access networks (FTTH).

In conclusion, structured cabling solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of hotel facilities, supporting efficient communication, connectivity, and security systems. By investing in a reliable structured cabling infrastructure, hotels can enhance guest satisfaction, streamline operations, and position themselves for long-term success in the hospitality industry.

Connect with us today to discover how our structured cabling solutions can elevate guest satisfaction and foster loyalty by delivering a seamless and enjoyable internet experience throughout their stay.

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